The ReFill  

Reduce  Reuse  Refill

Plastic was meant to last forever...the problem is, most of it is only used once.

91% of plastic is NOT recycled. 

That toothbrush you used when you were 4...

that daily iced coffee in a plastic cup with a straw...

Are still on the planet

Household waste is increasing drastically each year – and we understand that making a difference can feel daunting. We want to help you stock and re-stock your household with the highest quality, ethically-sourced products without plastic and wasteful packaging.


Our mission at The ReFill is to limit single-use plastic container consumerism by offering a refilling station for household cleaning and personal care products as well as alternatives to single use plastic products.  We want to support our community in making small, sustainable changes that are good for both you and the environment.  

        Progress Not Perfection

Living a perfectly zero-waste life is simply not possible for most of us. But we can take small steps in the direction of sustainability. From reusable jars and washable produce bags to cling wrap alternatives and non-disposable razors, every decision counts, no matter how small. 

Visit us and we will help you find the right sustainable swaps for your step at a time.

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