What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic-Free July is an annual event that began in Western Australia in 2011 and has spread across the globe. It aims to raise awareness of the amount of plastic in our lives by encouraging people to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic disposables, reduce plastic pollution, and push for lasting solutions to the plastic pollution crisis- during July and beyond.

With the world still trying to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been trickier than usual to avoid single-use plastic. The plastics industry worked hard to elicit fear and uncertainty around reusables as they take advantage of the current throwaway culture of our society and plague our world with disposable products giving us virtually no choice but to purchase plastic in some way.

But there is another way…a better way…a way for us to have cleaner and healthier streets, communities, oceans, and bodies.

It starts with us…one small change at a time…one habit at a time. When I first started learning about the enormous mess we have gotten ourselves into with plastic pollution, I wanted to change everything at once. How could I have lived so long and not known?...Not saw it all around me?...Not questioned?

So, I jumped in with both feet. I worked my way through pantry, cabinets, closets…getting rid of all plastic and replacing it with sustainable options. But that was not the answer. First, everywhere I looked, I found more plastic. There were things I couldn’t buy without plastic so, as I was removing, more was coming into my home. I felt like I was failing…still. Second, all of that tossing just created more waste…not a great idea!

A better idea…one step at a time…create new habits…be more conscious of your choices. Don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of what needs to be changed.

This is what we will do here. Each day we will discuss one change you can make and some options for that change. If you can make that a habit in one day, great! If it takes a week or several weeks, keep going…keep trying…keep moving forward. When you are ready for the next step, take it. If an option really isn’t going to work for you, don’t fret…you are not a failure…every change matters.

So, what about you?

Will you join the Plastic Free July Challenge?