If you want a non-toxic deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh with minimal environmental impact, you should know not all deodorants are eco-friendly.

While zero-waste is an admirable goal, there are some pitfalls — mainly, that even "zero-waste" products can still create waste in the ingredient sourcing and production stages. This is why a more helpful (and realistic) target is a circular system. A circular system means that products and packaging are designed to either return to nature (such as composting) or return to the industrial system, (such as recycled or, even better, refillable packaging).

When it comes to deodorant, you won't find an option that is entirely zero-waste in that it arrives free of packaging. But you can choose a product in a refillable package or a package that can be recycled or composted (e.g. paper not coated with resins that won't break down). How ingredients are grown, harvested, mined, or manufactured is also a part of a product's overall footprint, and therefore a part of the sustainability conversation.

But, you still need it to work.

While minimizing the amount of plastics that come into my home is very important to me, I refuse to smell bad!

There are finally some good choices available that have both safe ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. I have tried many…MANY…with a lot of failures. Some just didn't work for me and, as I said, I refuse to smell bad. With others, I found the packaging to be a pain. The cardboard would get soggy or the product would expand as it was pushed up from the bottom and I could no longer get the lid on.

If you have one that works, you're in great shape. I had to keep looking.

My favorite natural, sustainable deodorant is Little Seed Farm.

Why I like them…

  • baking soda and aluminum free

  • arrowroot powder and magnesium help to absorb moisture

  • a blend of plant-based butters and oils soothes skin and blends easily

  • packaged in a glass jar with a metal lid

  • family-owned, made with solar power, Leaping Bunny approved

  • it really, really works and the scents are wonderful