Poop Bags

You can’t just leave dog poop lying on the dog trail or on the side of the road. It's gross, unsanitary, and just plain rude.

Compostable bag or plastic bag, dog poop, in the trash, ends up in the same landfill as all the other trash. There is no person at the dump site sorting through the trash and separating the dog poop bags from the municipal garbage, to compost in some giant poop facility.

A compostable bag full of poop is probably never going to break down in a landfill. Just like the plastic bag full of poop will probably never break down in a landfill. Decomposition requires oxygen, and every day, landfills are covered with a layer of topsoil to prevent trash from blowing away, containing odors, and to keep pests out of the landfill.

Just like with kids, pets will always produce some amount of waste (pun intended!), but there are things we can do to cut back on the plastic and poop bags are a great way to start.

Upcycle Litter

Plastic grocery bags, paper bags, ziplock bags, and even produce bags are littered all over every neighborhood. Instead of buying new bags to pick up waste or pulling one from the dispenser in the park, just pick something up (or out of the trash) and use that.

Upcycle Your Own Trash

Keep bread bags, chip bags, paper bags from take out, or even junk mail – keep it for dog waste pick up. Rip up the dog food bags and use that. Keep a little bin next to your dog supplies to keep the items that you plan to use for dog poop.

Bury It

If it's in your yard, dig a deep whole and toss it in.

Compost It

NOT with your regular compost, but if you have room, you can have a separate dog waste compost.

And to be very clear, I’m not suggesting the poop to be composted then used. This composting method is solely for proper, and safe disposal that prevents the poop from ending up in the landfill.