Shaving used to be so simple: A metal safety razor. One blade. Soap. Brush.

Then massive corporations realized they could make more money by selling you gimmicks that you don’t need. That metal razor was too durable so they switched it out for plastic so you’d throw it away and have to buy another one. That recyclable single blade turned into multiple plastic-enshrined blades.

And now…2 billion plastic razors end up in the landfill every year.

All so big corporations can make more money.

It's time to stop!

Here's why you should ditch your plastic razor and start using a safety razor.

Less Irritation

Shaving means dragging a sharp blade across your skin and it should be no surprise that this can lead to irritation. More blades/passes = more friction = more irritation. The single blade of a safety razor touches your skin once and allows you to get closer in one pass so you don’t have to do another.

Closer Shave

Plastic razors are meant to be as fool-proof as possible…like we're too dumb to manage a safe shave. The result of making razors as safe as possible is a shave that is nowhere near as close as that of a safety razor. It’s true that shaving with a safety razor requires some skill, but you’re no dummy. You know that the best things in life take some effort. For that effort you will be rewarded with the closest shave you’ve ever had.

Less Waste and Cheaper

Plastic razors are disposable, as are replacement heads and the plastic packaging they come in. Once you make the initial investment, your safety razor will last forever and the blades are both cheap and recyclable.

Pure Satisfaction

Shaving with a safety razor is like making coffee in a french press or driving a stickshift - sure, it takes more effort, but the work and skill are what makes it more than just a cup of coffee or getting from A to B. Life isn’t all about the end result. The process can be just as enjoyable as the product. It's a ritual that requires you to slow down, to focus, and to be in the moment. Ahhh…