Water Bottle

Americans purchase about 50 billion water bottles a year.

On average, that's about 13 bottles per month for every person in the U.S. That means by using a reusable water bottle, you alone could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually.

In the US, 80% of these bottles end up in landfills, in the ocean or are incinerated. The rest is collected for recycling but is it really recycled or is it just shipped somewhere else?

4 reasons to stop drinking bottled water

  1. They are one of our most common waste products.

Only 1 in 5 plastic bottles is recycled. Even when they are recycled, plastic bottles are some of the most common waste produced by humans on a daily basis. Not to mention, considering the pitiful state of the recycling industry in the US, it's exceedingly difficult to tell whether your bottles are actually being properly recycled. And what happens to the ones that aren't recycled? They stick around for 1000 years, destroying entire ecosystems in both land and water.

  1. It's not necessarily cleaner.

The label on your favorite bottled water may depict a paradise-like mountain stream, but that's all there is to it. According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, 25% of bottled water sold in the US is sourced from...you guessed it, the tap.

Bottled water is much less regulated than tap water. A research study conducted at the University of New York found, “of 259 total bottles analyzed, 93% showed signs of microplastics". And some studies have even shown that contaminants, such as mold and bacteria, are present in plastic bottles.


  1. They can leach chemicals into your water.

Despite the collective efforts of bottling companies to use BPA-free plastic, other potentially harmful chemicals are still found in plastic bottles, and they can leach into the water if exposed to heat or left to sit for long periods of time. Like, what chemicals? .

endocrine disrupters may be lurking inside these bottles and they could mess with hormone levels in the body.

Double Yuck!

  1. It's expensive.

Bottled water is 2000 times more expensive than tap water. Why? Because you are paying for much more than the water. The price has less to do with the water itself and everything to do with the manufacturing, transportation, and advertising costs associated with producing each bottle.

Even a really good water bottle can cost as little as $30…and it will last a lifetime.

Like the coffee cup, carry your reusable water bottle everywhere you go.

Home.. to car..to bag.. to office.. to lunch meeting.. to shopping.. to strolling in the park.. to Zumba class.

The only way to avoid picking up that "free" water that is offered, is to have your bottle with you.